CoDesign 11 & 12: Earth, Art & Humanity


CoDesign for grade 11 and 12 offers a unique blend of individual, self directed learning combined with online peer collaboration. This course consists of 3 integrated courses and provides you with the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary ideas in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Theme: Earth, Art & Humanity

Where do we come from? Explore the impact and challenges arising from our human presence on the Earth over time including: how humans relate to the living earth, the earth’s structure and mechanics, the complex network of systems that creates our biosphere, and the human interaction with the biosphere.

Unique features

  • Collaborative learning within a group of ten or more youth
  • Support from a mentor with expertise and passion for the theme
  • Integration of three related courses
  • Independent and group projects, activities and/or trips
  • Approximately 15 hours a week of learning activities, projects and coursework
  • Available for youth in grades 11 and 12
  • Invitation to participate in a fall camp, regional winter activity (depending on number of learners in a particular location), and
  • SelfDesign’s Encounters Youth Summit in Vancouver in May

Course Details

All learners who complete a session of CoDesign will receive full credit for the following (4-credit) courses,

  • Earth Science 11
  • Art Foundations 11
  • Comparative Civilizations 12

Mentor: Marcelle Edwards


Fall Session
September - January
Spring Session
February - June

Choose between a Fall or Spring session. Expect to schedule two hour online sessions, twice a week to meet with your learning pod of 10 – 15 youth and your CoDesign mentor for activities related to the integrated courses.

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