SelfDesign High (SD High) – Program Overview

The SelfDesign High distributed learning community (SD High) offers the following support for high school learners (grades 10-12):

  • Student-centred, enquiry-based programs and courses which include the entire BC grade 10-12 curriculum as well as a diversity of dynamic independent studies and community initiatives.
  • Dedicated mentors (B.C. certified teachers) who work directly with you (or your learners) on a per course basis to support your learning and assess your work.
  • An online learning platform where you can access your courses, download course outlines and materials, and access helpful learning tools and resources such as links, glossaries, journals, messaging and calendars.
  • Access to Workshop Courses that allow you to collaborate with your peers and contribute to discussions in a group setting while moving through the course content at a pace that suits you.
  • Learning Assessment: Most SelfDesign High courses use a portfolio method of introspection and engagement to assess learners’ grasp of the concepts presented and their progress towards meeting the course objectives.
  • Virtual Guidance Office (VGO) – a place where learners can bring any questions they have about courses, mentors, grad program, post-grad information, service learning in our community or around the world.


Visit our SelfDesign High site for full details and program information.