We live in a remarkable age for nurturing formal and informal learning in our children. Think of it: in community centres, clubs, studios, workshops, the internet, living rooms, parks and classrooms, learning opportunities have never been more plentiful.


Whether your child wants to improve their doodling or explore atomic physics, or both, you can find resources and maybe a mentor in a brief internet search. Chances are quite high that you’ll even find a community of like-minded people honing their skills or sharing their knowledge on the subjects you’re seeking to explore. You might even find a dedicated gaming platform helping learners “level up” their skills and interests!


In SelfDesign we are committed to supporting personalized learning and helping ensure children tap into this world of “anytime, anywhere, any way” learning. And you’ll see that commitment reflected in our support systems where childrens’ learning – of all kinds – is thoughtfully considered  and validated.


Beyond SelfDesign we also see education authorities and a few other pioneering schools seeking to support broader notions of learning than schooling has conventionally recognized. It’s true here in British Columbia where the Ministry of Education recently announced curriculum reform measures to support the new BC Ed Plan and personalized learning.


Of course it’s not a foregone conclusion that such reform will be easy or expedited because the conventional  schooling system was not designed to support the kinds of innovation now being introduced. But we see it is an eventuality that the era of prescribed coursework will give way to personalized learning.


And as we launch our new learning year in SelfDesign we are more excited than ever to play a role in supporting and validating childrens’ learning, anytime, anywhere, any way.
Written by Michael Maser, SelfDesign Learning Foundation and author of Learn Your Way! SelfDesigning the Life You Really Want