In response to interested parents and learners about the upcoming changes in Grade 10 in SelfDesign next year, Vice Principal Angela Fitzgerald will host two information sessions this coming week to share more information and answer questions.

Join Angela to learn more about how Grade 10 learners at SelfDesign will:

Join us Saturday March 25 at 10am  & Wednesday March 28 at 7pm

Join us here at the time of each session:

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Angela has 20 years of experience creating individualized education options for children in public school, private school, distributed learning, and homeschool settings. Angela’s passion is advocacy for the right of all children to learn in the context of a loving and nurturing relationship, with this relationship prioritized as integral to the learning.

Angela empowers families to embrace passion-based learning models in the context of unconditional acceptance. It is this intention she brings to her work in SelfDesign.