Totem pole against blue sky in Vancouver, Canada

BC First Nations Studies 12

This course explores several key themes relating to the history and experiences of the BC First Nations peoples. Learners will examine the impact of contact, religion, and colonialism on the social structures, economies, and education of BC First Nations. Learners will investigate the resistance of First Nations peoples to colonialism and land encroachment, and consider the First Nations concept of land stewardship and how it is embedded in cultural traditions and practices. Where possible, learners will connect with First Nations peoples and interview community members to learn about their historical developments and changes, and local realities. During the final phase of the course, learners will explore 20th century efforts made by First Nations to navigate the challenges they face in creative, resourceful, and proactive ways. This course addresses a very important part of BC history and provides a conceptual foundation for all learners to develop an appreciation and respect for the similarities among, and differences between, the diverse cultures of our world.

Note: This course contains a SelfDesign end of course exam.

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