CoDesign 10


CoDesign supports you in developing foundational knowledge and skills for a successful transition into 10-12 by exploring nine integrated courses within a group learning format.

Unique Features

  • Participate in project-based learning, independent and/or group projects that combine skills and ideas from different learning area.
  • Personalize your learning by adapting content to your preferred learning style.
  • Collaborate with your peers through online group hangouts and conversation.
  • Enhance your digital literacy skills by using latest technologies to plan your own learning.
  • Build your understanding and engagement in particular areas of study by contributing your own unique ideas.
  • Receive support and build relationship with one guiding mentor and three course mentors over the year.

Course Details

By applying for CoDesign you will gain credit for the following courses:

CoDesign 10 Mentors

  • Megan Allen (English)
  • Heather Keczan (Social Studies)
  • Lisa Walwork (Science)

CoDesign 10 Support Mentors

  • Travis Weber (Math)
  • Amber Santos (Visual Arts)

CoDesign Sessions

Session 1: Fall
Guiding Mentor Pod

Session 2: Spring
CoDesign Class Pods

Guiding Mentor 10 (Sept-June)

Visual Arts 10 (Nov-April)

Physical Education 10English 10
Planning 10Science 10
Personal Project 10Social Studies 10
Math 10

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