CoDesign 11 & 12: Wild Earth Outdoors


CoDesign for grades 11 and 12 offers a unique blend of individual, self directed learning combined with online peer collaboration. This course consists of 5 integrated courses and provides you with the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary ideas in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Theme: Wild Earth Outdoors

SelfDesign’s Wild Earth Outdoors program combines online learning with outdoor activity trips. It is designed for grade 11 and 12 learners living anywhere in the province of BC. SelfDesign’s Wild Earth Outdoors is an experiential learning program that immerses young people in nature while connecting to a community of likeminded youth. Previous outdoor experience or a peak level of fitness is not necessary. Activities and coursework encourage the growth of self-awareness, connection to community and the natural environment, with a goal of developing a foundation of self-authorship in each youth.

Unique features

  • Collaborative learning within a group of approx. ten youth.
  • Support from a mentor with expertise and passion for the outdoors.
  • Integration of five related courses.
  • Independent and group projects, activities and/or trips.
  • Available for youth in grades 11 and 12.
  • Participation in a variety of challenging activities such as : trip planning, budgeting, risk assessment, backcountry cooking, and environmental stewardship.
  • Practice skills in communication, leadership, teamwork, consensus decision making, navigation, flat water canoeing, single pitch climbing, survival, first aid, and emergency response.

Courses Details

Learners will earn 20 course credits in SelfDesign’s Wild Earth program. The learning outcomes for these courses are engaged through individual integrated projects, as well as group projects and experiences – collected into a learning  portfolio.

The following courses are covered:

  • Forestry and Environment 11
  • Leadership Development 12
  • Recreational Leadership 12
  • Physical Education Adventure Outdoors 11
  • Adventure Tourism 12


  • Independent Study 11/12 (will require self-registration)

Wild Earth is concentrated in the spring session, February to June – however, 10% of the activities will be completed in the fall session.

Mentor : Blue Netherclift


This program combines weekly online group work with in-person outdoor learning and youth-led expeditions in various locations around BC.

The first session of the year will include:

  • one-to-one or group online sessions with online coursework and planning (10% of the program)
  • Induction trip in September/October – 5 days (including travel days)

The second session of the year will focus on in-person group adventure experiences across southern BC, including:

  • February – Online Group Intensive – 3 days
  • March – Online Group Intensive Theory and Planning – 5 days
  • April/May – Squamish Adventure Tourism and Forestry & Environment + West Coast Backpacking – 14 days
  • June – Bella Coola Wilderness and Indigenous Culture – 10 days
Fall Session
September - January
Spring Session
February - June
1 - 1 or group online sessions with online coursework & planning

February - online group 3 day intensive
5 day Introduction trip (Sept/Oct)

March - Online group 5 day intensive (includes Theory & Planning)

April / May - Squamish Adventure Tourism and Forestry & Environment + West Coast Backpacking - 14 days

June - Bella Coola Wilderness & Indigenous Culture - 10 days

Testimonials from our learners


“I just want to say how much I enjoyed going on this trip. I learned a lot, grew a great deal as a person, and got to know a lot of really interesting people a lot better. It was challenging, at times, but being challenged is how we learn. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to practise my leadership with such an utterly fantastic group. It was a very supportive environment and not everyone is lucky enough to experience that. I really, really had a fantastic eight days (I’m counting the Encounters gathering too) with you guys, and I hope to be able to spend time with everyone again at some point. Thank you, Blue. You are absolutely fantastic!” Alma Huuskonen, Backpacking the Juan De Fuca Trail, May 2015


Program Costs

CoDesign Wild Earth Outdoors requires a fee of $1400. A deposit of $250 is required to hold your spot in this program.

Please note: The program fee does NOT include travel/transportation costs to the trip locations. We will work to help rideshare where possible to reduce costs and travel time for families. Inevitably for the more remotely-based families there will be an added expense for travel to destination or shuttle pick up points.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

By RSVPing, your name will be added to our waitlist and you can expect a follow up conversation to answer any of your questions or concerns and to find out if CoDesign is a good fit for you.

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