pointing to complex mixture of social media and communication modes

Communications 12

Humans are communicating all the time. In this multifaceted and image-saturated world of social media, billboards, marketing strategies and new technologies, the modern world is packed with communications competing for our attention.

Questions arise: How do we decode all this and, how do we make our communications heard? What is effective and why and for which audience?

Understanding how we are influenced by this cluttered world of human communication will strengthen our capacities to respond to it – effectively. Understanding the values and agenda behind the use of and rapid changes in technology and what is being aggressively promoted to youth is vital and empowering. The goal of Communications 12 is for learners to explore how they can harness the variety of communication technologies surrounding us in ways to positively affect the unfolding human story. We want youth to feel empowered by these technologies and not overwhelmed or determined by them: this way learners can be powerful shapers of their world.

In this course learners will explore and develop the critical tools and confidence to deepen their understanding of our myriad communication options and when which ones serve which situations better.

Note: This course contains a Ministry final exam.

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