Foundations of Math 11

This course is for learners who are interested in incorporating some math into their learning journey, but not necessarily in the context of science and engineering. In this course, learners explore measurement through investigating rates, scale diagrams, and scale factors of areas and volumes. The next section dives into geometry, where learners are invited to investigate the properties of lines and triangles, including the sine and cosine laws, and using those properties to solve problems. Then learners move into logical reasoning using inductive and deductive reasoning to solve puzzles and games. The next course adventure is statistics, where learners investigate statistical data and the various ways it can be interpreted. Finally, learners discover the mysteries of relations and functions, learning how to solve problems using systems of linear inequalities, and investigate quadratic functions. Learners express their learning through assignments, exercises, quizzes, and a research project on a current event or an area of interest that involves mathematics.

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