Physical Education

Physical Education 12

This is a learner-centred course that invites each individual to examine the role of physical movement in their lives and how it relates to holistic health. In this senior level course, learners engage in leadership development (related to physical health and activity) within their community. The first assignment in this course invites learners to reflect on components of the human experience; physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. The second assignment explores why humans need to move, inviting learners to share their learning with a multimedia project. The third assignment takes a look at fitness trends, such as yoga, pilates, or zumba and invites learners to create a recreational or fitness program for themselves or someone else. The fourth assignment guides learners to look inward and create a self portrait in any medium. The final assignment is an exploration of inspiration and the learner’s personal cache of resources, explored through collage. The course is concluded with an independent project on the importance and nature of play.

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