Physics 10,11,12

Physics 12

Physics is the study of how the world works. For learners who have ever wondered why the sky is blue or how electricity can make a car move, these answers can be found in physics. In this course, learners investigate phenomenons such as how Earth orbits around the Sun or how an electron orbits around the nucleus of an atom. Learners discover why one feels heavier at the bottom of a roller coaster and weightless at the top, and learn why a car is able to go around a corner or come to a stop. This course takes learners on a journey to answer a lot of the “why” questions from the real world. For example, isn’t it amazing and complex to be able to stream a music video from the internet to phones? It’s all possible because of physics. Physics is the study of matter and energy, and of their interactions. Of all the natural sciences, physics encompasses the greatest range of topics, from the properties of subatomic particles to the movement of stars and planets. Some themes explored in this course are kinematics, uniform circular energy, impulse and momentum, electromagnetism and more. Learning is shown through quizzes, observation labs, and tests in preparation for a final course exam.

Note: This course contains a SelfDesign end of course exam.

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