Science 10

Science 10

Science surrounds us. It touches all aspects of our daily lives and we are constantly making science-based decisions when we choose what to eat, consider how ‘green’ our products are (products created with the environment in mind), or forecast the weather. Science is happening everywhere and all the time! Science 10 offers an introduction to life sciences, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences. Our exploration of life sciences begins with ecosystems and ecology and is followed with a study of evolution, population dynamics, and how ecosystems can be impacted by external influences. The chemistry component of the course looks at the building blocks of all things on earth, atoms, and provides an introduction to elements, compounds, chemical reactions and radioactivity. The physics section explores how things move and covers concepts including velocity, speed, and acceleration. Finally the course’s earth science component explores plate tectonics, the interior earth, as well as how energy is transferred around our planet and how our climate is affected by natural phenomena and human activity.

Note: This course contains a SelfDesign end of course exam.

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