Guiding Mentor 12 (Capstone Project)

In this final Guiding Mentor 12 course learners will bring their deepening self-awareness, agency and skill development to fruition in a personal project of their own design. They will identify a culminating global question they wish to explore through an interdisciplinary lens. The project questions might lead to anything from a research study to designing a digital social action to organizing a community project. Through co-inspirational conversation with their guiding mentor, designing their own assessment rubric and an ongoing Appreciative Inquiry approach, learners will shape their particular quest and then delineate the steps, resources, tools and communication plans they will need to bring it to expression. Learners will prepare a final presentation in the format of their choice which will link into their project template and live in their e-portfolio.

To work with a guiding mentor, contact Alison to discuss your options now.

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