Guiding Mentor 11 (Community Building)

In this course learners will deepen their selfdesigning skill building and digital explorations from Guiding Mentor 10 (Digital Literacy) the aim will be to deepen interpersonal skills and move into the realm of the varied components of leadership and the value of learning to work with others in co-inspiration. Learners will consider what traits and skills are the foundation of behind a good leader in general and explore personally what they recognize in themselves and if/where they seek more development. Time will be spent examining the elements of collaborative work and service learning. The Guiding Mentor 11 (Community Building) will culminate with learners applying their explorations and skills to a project: they will design the scaffolding for a social action initiative, in collaboration with others where possible. Guiding questions and adaptive learning planning will shape and support all explorations and activities.

To work with a guiding mentor, contact Alison to discuss your options now.

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