Guiding Mentor 10 (Digital Literacy)

This Guiding Mentor 10 course aims to help learners become self-aware, discerning and dynamic agents in their learning processes and encounters – both online and face-to-face. Learners develop strategic skills and core competencies in three significant areas:

  1. selfdesigning – developing skills needed to initiate, plan and design their approach to learning (adaptive learning planning)
  2. personal awareness, self-advocacy and self-assessment
  3. ethical questions and considerations in digital platforms

Learners will focus on their use of digital tools to build personal agency and communication skills and the attendant requirement to engage ethically while doing so. Learning how to discern and evaluate the wealth of data and information available to learners will support their planning and decisions regarding their learning goals and encounters in the world. It will also strengthen their skills as effective communicators while using various digital tools and platforms.

Guiding questions and adaptive learning planning will serve as a reflective home base in each learner’s inquiries and artifact generation for digital e-portfolios. E-portfolios provide support for individual explorations into what it means to be personally and ethically aware, engaged in a digital world, equipped and ready to lead and self-author their own lives. This course runs from Sept – June and is four credits.

To work with a guiding mentor, contact Alison to discuss your options now.

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