Social Studies 11

Social Studies 11

Social Studies 11 tracks Canada’s journey from it’s early days as a nation onto the world stage. Early in our history, Canada had been considered just one dominion in the British Empire; however, the First and Second World Wars and the Great Depression were pivotal in shaping Canada as an independent nation with respected status in the international community. Learners will look at the international relations of the world wars including: the players, dynamics, and repercussions, along with the domestic realities facing Canadians on the home front. The post-war period is one of enormous change in the world, and we will observe how Canada has joined in the challenges posed by the Cold War, peacekeeping, and global issues like climate change and poverty.

Learners engage with Social Studies 11 through extensive use of opinion forums, historical film footage, as well as reflective and evaluative questions. The larger events of the 20th century are examined through the lens of Canadian citizens who struggle to uphold a set of home-made values in a world often not receptive to them.

Note: This course contains a SelfDesign end of course exam.

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