Registering as a homeschooler

The HomeLearners’ Network (HLN) offers an alternative to the SelfDesign K-12 program; families may legally register as a homeschooler instead of enrolling in an educational program. There is no teacher involvement and you do not have to report to a school.

Would you like to register?  Please contact the HLN Coordinator ( Please note: there will be a $50 late registration fee for those that register after September 30) . 

Consultation upon request

Families pursue learning independently; however, each family is offered an opportunity to chat with someone about their decision to homeschool, and can be directed to local home learning support groups.

Connection to community

Families who like to be engaged in community can connect with other families by joining SelfDesign’s online “Village.” Families will receive the HLN newsletter and, upon request, the SelfDesign quarterly newsletter that showcases stories, news and events from across SelfDesign’s programs.


Upon request learners receive a student ID card which may be useful for obtaining homeschooling discounts from some retailers. For families using BC ferries to go on education field trips, HLN provides letters requesting discounted fares for learners. Learners in the lower mainland who are considered to be in grades 8-12 receive a Go Card application form to access the concession fare for transportation through Translink.


Families who register before September 30th receive a $125/learner reimbursement for purchases of learning resources and services. Receipts must be sent in with a form that is provided.