Curiosity leads the way

Emergent, integrated learning

At SelfDesign we honour the natural, emergent quality of learning. Taking our cues from the integrated playfulness of a young child’s world and combining that with current developmental and educational research, we capture emergent learning K-12 through the creation of dynamic learning plans—bringing validation and acknowledgment to each individual’s unique journey.

Our programmatic design provides:

  • A weekly connection with an educator who understands and supports the learner and his/her/their goals
  • Evidence and documentation of the learning as it unfolds
  • Seasonal reviews for reflection by learner, educator, and parents
  • A clear path toward competencies for 21st century living and thriving

SupportEd (Special Education) Learners

Each learner at SelfDesign has a unique learning plan created through collaboration with the learner, the family, and the learning consultant. For learners in the SE Program, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created above and beyond the learning plan to provide specialized support in the areas of need.

Exposure to new ideas

Relevant resources, thematic offerings

In support of each learner’s unique learning plan, SelfDesign offers rich thematic resources that are relevant and meaningful to learners as a way to introduce new ideas or concepts, spark interest, and inspire deep inquiry:
  • Learning consultants offer personalized resources on a weekly basis.
  • Beginning in grade 8, learners have opportunities to explore thematic topics with a group of their peers if desired, all facilitated by a mentor.
  • Thoughtfully curated educational resources are made available via the SelfDesign Learning Experiences Library (see below) and via course materials for learners in grades 11 and 12 (see course catalogue below).

SelfDesign Learning Experiences Library

A trademark of SelfDesign—the Learning Experiences Library is generated by learners and educators alike through the activities of emergent learning. The Library is a dynamic resource that gives learners and families access to a plethora of learning suggestions and opportunities. Choose to engage with the Library in an independent manner or alongside a group of learners in an online workshop.

SelfDesign’s innovative approach to Grade 10, 11

Integrated, project-based approach

British Columbia’s new curriculum for grades 10-12 supports the personalized learning approach taken by SelfDesign Learning Community since its inception in 2002! Grade 10 learners will explore their ideas and personal interests through a theme approach, while continuing to gain credit toward their Dogwood diploma or follow the path to completion that best suits them. Our grade 10 offering is another exciting innovation for SelfDesign! 

Deepened Study in Grade 12

Self-paced and group learning options

For 2018/19, SelfDesign offers discrete online courses for learners in grade12. Our courses are BC Ministry-approved and offer a personalized learning experience while focusing on a specific discipline or idea. Learners can register for self-paced courses or a select number of group learning options, as well as choosing from single-course offerings or integrated multi-course thematic offerings. View the full Grade 12 Course Catalogue to learn more.

Enjoy Learning

Home Special Education ImgSelfDesign learners express how much they enjoy and feel in control of their education, free to learn in ways that serve them best and personally committed to what they are learning.

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