Living Is Learning

At SelfDesign we believe that special needs are but a unique path to a shared human experience.

SupportEd offers learners and families the focused guidance and assistance they need in order to thrive. The inclusive nature of our overall programming provides invitational opportunities for SupportEd learners to join workshops and groups in whatever ways suit their individual needs and desires.

Every SelfDesign Learner Has a Voice

We believe that every learner has something to say and something to teach us. We listen to learners, however they communicate.

Every SelfDesign Parent is an Expert

Parents know their children better than anyone. While the opinions of professional experts are highly regarded, a parent’s insights are equally valued.

SupportEd (Special Education) Learning Plans

Each learner at SelfDesign has a unique learning plan created through collaboration with the learner, the family, and the learning consultant. For learners in the SE Program, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created above and beyond the learning plan to provide specialized support in the areas of need.

Learn more about our SupportEd program

Needs of special education learners vary greatly and our program reflects this by providing a great diversity of offerings designed to support all learners. Learn more about eligibility, learner-centred plans, the SupportEd team, and using grants.