What is SelfDesign?

SelfDesign is a certified BC Ministry distributed learning school. We offer a kindergarten—grade 12 program that allows learners to satisfy the Dogwood diploma.

Our K-12 program is a secular “distributed learning” school certified by the BC Ministry of Education. For SelfDesign, this means that instead of having a single bricks-and-mortar facility we use online communications and local learning opportunities to support learners and their families throughout British Columbia.

Nurturing learning through the LifePhases

At SelfDesign, our offerings grow with the learner. We provide unique opportunities for each life phase, and we specialize in an open and responsive educational program for all learners’ individual needs.

Modeling personalized learning

In SelfDesign, learners join in designing their own learning, customizing how and what they will learn based on their own interests, curiosities, and goals. Our program is inspired by a model of inclusivity and diversity, and we provide the right mix of individualized learning planning, support, and adaptations to enable all learners across the program to succeed. Learn more.


Learning in community

SelfDesign believes in creating opportunities to learn in community. We support families and learners to connect with others online and in-person. SelfDesign is unique as a distributed learning program in its scope of face to face learning opportunities. Learn more.

As a result of our approach, our learners are known for their confidence, creativity, resourcefulness, and passion for life—all ingredients for happiness and success.