Enrol in SelfDesign


Enrolment for the 2016/2017 learning year remains open!

If you have questions about enrolment, please contact our enrolment coordinator.

Alert! SelfDesign’s Support Education program for learners with both Low and High Incidence needs is currently full.

As an Independent School, SelfDesign reserves the right to only enrol learners for whom we can provide additional support in terms of both a trained special educator and effective resources.

Please contact enrolment@selfdesign.org or call 1 (877) 353-3374 (1-87-SELFDESIGN) to apply for an interview for our waitlist.

Being on our waitlist does not mean that your child is enrolled in our program. In British Columbia you are required to enrol your child in a public or independent school or register your child as a home-schooled learner. Being enrolled in SelfDesign is NOT home schooling even though we do support your child’s learning in the home and community.


Complete the K-12 Enrolment Application

To complete the enrolment process you will be prompted to submit legal documentation including:

  • A copy of the learner’s birth certificate, permanent residency, or Canadian passport.
  • A completed Legal Residency Form (one per family; this form will be received automatically once it’s ‘submitted’).

Previously Enrolled with SelfDesign? If you’ve been enrolled in the past with SelfDesign, please do not complete another enrolment application – instead contact our enrolment coordinator.

Apply to enrol!