Welcome to SelfDesign Journeys

Family learning support for children with autism.

You’re here because you believe in your child’s ability to learn. You’re determined to find an organization that not only understands but supports your child and your family. You know that a cookie-cutter approach, where every child is treated the same, won’t work with your child’s unique abilities and needs.

SelfDesign Journeys is a family learning program designed to help families connect with each other and with their children with autism in ways that are happy, healthy and that support their child’s learning and development.

The program is in development and will be offered online through webinars, e-courses and personalized coaching services beginning in 2019.  

To register your interest, contact kathleenforsythe@selfdesign.org for more information.

About Dr Kathleen Forsythe and Megumi Terashita-Clark, Program Facilitators

SelfDesign Journeys is a new program developed by an experienced educational team from within the SelfDesign Learning Community (SDLC), one of the largest distributed personalized learning programs in BC. The SelfDesign Journeys program is led by Dr Kathleen Forsythe, former Principal of SDLC and Executive Director of SelfDesign Learning Foundation. Kathleen and her colleague, Megumi Terashita-Clark, are both certified as Advanced DIR Floortime practitioners (DIR is a therapy methodology designed to build healthy foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities rather than just focusing on skills and isolated behaviours and are bringing their developmental play-based expertise and support to parents on the ASD journey with their children.