calebfrenchWhen SelfDesign learner Caleb was 8 years old, he asked his mom how he could make a difference by helping others. They looked at several options and he felt very strongly about growing his hair to donate to make wigs for children who are in need due to medical conditions or treatment.  “I wasn’t sure he could make it several years and he proved me wrong. A year later, I was inspired by his efforts and decided to join him in growing my hair out also to support him. He’s now 11 years old and ready to make the chop!” says Caleb’s mom Rebecca.

In the three years he’s been growing his hair out, he has put up with people criticizing his longer hair and kids in the playground asking him if he is a “he” or a “she”.  He’s endured two rather hot Australian summers with little to no air conditioning and the pain of having his tangles brushed out each night.  He’s never complained, and didn’t let the comments of others affect him at all.

“This has been a learning experience for us in terms of accepting everyone for who they are, as well as doing something for a worthwhile cause.” – Rebecca

Caleb was happy to discover Angel Hair for Kids, based in Ontario, which makes and donates wigs to children of disadvantaged families who would normally not be able to afford one for their child. It takes $800- $1000 to make just one wig! So Caleb and his family have set a goal to raise enough money to make two wigs.

“Think of how you identify with your hair, how it gives you confidence, even how you perceive people without hair.  Then think of how you would feel to be a child without hair, whether from a medical condition that you’ll have for life, or from a medical treatment that is hopefully short lived.  Help us to give children the dignity and confidence of having their own wig.  Every little bit counts and donations will be issued a tax receipt through this page.” – Rebecca

“I hope many others will be inspired by my effort.” – Caleb

To support Caleb in his effort, click here.