Eamon’s Documentary Review for Sustainable Living – Part I

Eleven year old SelfDesigner, Eamon, and his family have been watching documentaries on sustainable living and eco-friendly themes. Eamon’s mom shares, “Eamon recommends and comments about them below, hoping many families would watch them and consider ways to protect our wonderful environment.”

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is about where that crude oil came from, and the shocking truth behind gas companies. I think this documentary will deepen our mission of life without pollution. http://gasholemovie.com/

The Eco Pirate is about captain Paul Watson. He hates the poaching of sea life so much, he coasts the seven seas with his crew of the ship Sea Shepherd and tries to stop them—even if it means ramming his ship and jail time. I strongly recommend this documentary since it shows how poaching wrecks the environment dramatically. http://www.screensiren.ca/

Who killed the Electric Car? Is a real life mystery. In the 1990s, the car company GM started to produce EV-1, a great electric car. People loved it until GM suddenly took back all the EV-1 (even those that were already bought) and crushed them. When I watched this documentary I was very upset about what GM had done. They could have made a significant difference to both our lives and the environment. http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com/

Revenge of the Electric Car is the direct sequel of Who Killed the Electric Car? It reveals the new trend of electric cars and the emerging car companies that are producing them, such as Nissan motors and Tesla motors. I watched this and I felt the hope to revive electric cars. http://www.revengeoftheelectriccar.com/

Fuel is about a man who believes the best sustainable energy with the best results are biofuels and biodiesel. He tries to persuade people about using biofuels. http://www.thefuelfilm.com/