As a community with a significant online presence, we know how important it is to share resources. We have a rich history of doing so over the years through conversation in online conferences such as FirstClass and other forums such as Moodle, Facebook, and Google+.

We would like to continue and extend this tradition through Pinterest. Pinterest is social bookmarking of websites, books, videos, sound files, and documents of all kinds. You can read more about Pinterest here.

Did you know that SelfDesign has a Pinterest account with a rich collection of resources, many of which are reflective of the learning areas in our learning areas? We presently have several dozen, perhaps hundreds of Pinterest users in our community. Imagine the rich connections and the amazing collection of resources if we began sharing Pinterest boards!?

If you are a current Pinterest user, you may soon get an invitation to explore and connect through the SelfDesign Pinterest account. (One thing to note is that the resources in this account are all vetted, curated, and related to the SelfDesign learning areas and philosophical leanings. Any other boards people may choose to follow through their own Pinterest accounts may not be closely aligned with SelfDesign. Pinterest is a form of social media; when people follow boards other than SelfDesign’s Pinterest account, they are doing so of their own choosing and SelfDesign does not make assurances and is not responsible in any way for the content they may encounter.)

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Since Pinterest accounts require a minimum age of 13, as we develop our Community Site, we are looking at the possibility of replicating the SelfDesign Pinterest sites in such a way that they are available to learners of all ages (including adults of course) through our Community Site, without requiring a Pinterest account.

For now, for SelfDesign’s current Pinterest users over the age of 13, let’s connect with each other there and start sharing the kinds of resources that spark and keep aflame our passion for learning.

Here is the SelfDesign Pinterest account: When you reach this point, there are 3 choices:

  1. If you have one, sign in to your Pinterest account (through the ‘Log in’ button).
  2. For those ages 13 and older, if you have a Facebook account, sign in to Pinterest with your Facebook account (the ‘Continue with Facebook’ button).
  3. Create a Pinterest account (the ‘Sign up’ option).