On Saturday, May 20, graduating learners joined together – first at the SelfDesign centre in Vancouver, then later at the AUUC Hall – to celebrate the entry into the next phase of their learning. They joined participants of SelfDesign’s Encounters Youth Summit at the Jericho Youth Hostel on Friday. On Saturday graduates were joined by their friends and family and representatives from the SelfDesign Learning Community and the SelfDesign Learning Foundation.

Parent Dianne G. had this warmhearted feedback to share about the graduation experience:

I just want to say how lovely it was to be at the graduation celebration. I found the time at the LifeSpiral to be insightful and inspiring. Sometimes what seems like relatively simple exercises can be very profound.

Everything that I love about SelfDesign was re-iterated through seeing what you had organized (with the students) and for the evening in the way of such a lovely gathering and fabulous food. I could see that you worked very hard at making all that happen.

What I really want to convey to you is the wonderful and intent-full way you have with all the young people around you. We live in a world today where I think often there is some missing respect and lack of understanding (or supporting) of youth and vice versa.

I saw both my sons go through SelfDesign in such different ways and both very supported in the paths they took. I was lucky to have been part of that. One who felt a dogwood wasn’t his goal but knowledge and authenticity was, who is now finishing up a degree at McGill  after doing a two year music program at Capilano U, after doing one year at Quest. And the other wanting very much to graduate and shoot for the stars, was supported by his mentors in getting there.

SelfDesign has some of the most dedicated and really lovely people with whom I feel very fortunate to have had my children cross their paths.

Best wishes, Dianne

We look forward to watching the class of 2017 move forward into lifelong learning, and welcoming the class of 2018 to the graduation celebration next year!