“I’ve joined the Minecraft world to get a glimpse at what consumed my son to discover that the SD Minecraft community is very much that – a community. Participating in the play allows learners to understand and practice respect, sharing – well, community building. Part of this community is the SMUSH group that meets twice a week and is kind of like city council – but so much more since everyone is invited to share their ideas and opinions! Learners also have an opportunity to develop their own server idea and present it to the SMUSH group for implementation on a temporary server.

My son created a server proposal for the SD Minecrafters that has developed into a temporary server for the SD learners to enjoy. It’s based on the Pokémon ‘creature characters’ (if that’s what you call them), and is called Project Pixel. It’s taken me a while Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.17.47 AMto decide to venture into that world since we’ve never played or had Pokémon in our house, and I’m still not very clear on these creatures and their connections to each other and some type of evolution they do to be something better and stronger than the original form. But I do know that there are a lot of them! All sorts of strange combinations of half animals and insects (I’m sure I’ll get a lesson on this later – but that’s how I see these things!) that battle each other to “level up”.

Since I’m not clear on most of the concepts of the game I decided to ‘catch ‘em all’. Go around the various biomes and find these things, bag them, and make them part of my collection. I only have a mere 600 or so to find!  Nonetheless I set my goal and proceeded. In doing so, I discovered that setting up a server required an imagination I do not possess. A home base (a town) with ready to move in homes with a move in package, places to find your resources (a mine), places to evolve your characters (farms), shops, banking systems, healing stations, travel agencies – to take you to all the different biomes where Pokémon can be found, and so much more. Not only is there everything you need, there are instructions and rules to follow, along with a building scheme that provides a uniform and well thought out world.

The complexity in creating a world that provides everything for an enjoyable and playable game is not easy. And I can see how my son is investing in learning how to care for others, plan a community, and ensure the enjoyment of all its citizens. Surely, that’s an investment our cities will be thankful for as he grows up and maybe someday is on council – or the Mayor!

Now I don’t know if it’s the heat or the smoke Vancouver Island is experiencing, but as I worked in trying to reclaim a garden patch in my backyard, I discovered a plethora of insects. You name it, I likely have it in that small patch. I have Project Pixel in my backyard! If my son were younger – I’d help him ‘catch ‘em all’!”

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