SelfDesign has been engaged in personalized learning for K-9 learners since 2002. With BCEd Plan, we find ourselves with the opportunity to stand alongside innovative education leaders around the world, extending the personalized learning approach beyond grade 9. Like Finland, recently in the news for eliminating all school subjects, SelfDesign will replace the traditional course-based high school model with a course-free learning experience for grade 10 learners.

Now, starting with grade 10 in September 2017 (and grades 11-12 to follow in September 2018), personalized learning guided by individual learning plan goals and facilitated by a learning consultant will continue right into grades 10-12!

“B.C.’s new curriculum helps students learn by exploring their interests and passions. Whether it’s computers, hockey, or art, passion is a motivator for students, and students can connect with their interests to excel in the classroom.”

~ BCEd Plan

SelfDesign learners in grade 10 will achieve the course credits required for Dogwood diploma completion (required for graduation) in the context of pursuing their interests and passions. Learning plan goals will be supported by learning consultants and supplemented by learning specialists who will guide learners through theme-based explorations such as What’s In A Story, Eco-Agriculture, Animals and Relationships, Life: Gamified, Crafting a Life, Music Moves Me, Health: It’s About Me, and more!

Parents expect their kids to learn the basics – reading, writing and arithmetic. Imagine them doing this through real-world situations.

~ BCEd Plan

SelfDesign learners in grade 10 will:

  • achieve course credits while pursuing their passions
  • dig deep into what they love with the support of learning specialists
  • work with a learning consultant to imagine their personalized learning plans
  • address curricular learning in the context of their interests
  • connect online with other learners their ages to explore shared interests together
  • meet up with other learners from across BC at live gatherings

By the end of the year, credits will have been achieved for all the necessary grade 10 courses through the pursuit of each learner’s unique passions and interests.

“In being the author of her social connections she becomes self-confident, which is perhaps the greatest asset for relating and contributing to society.” ~ Naomi Aldort, Social Skills Are Learned With Parents First

In grade 10 at SelfDesign, learning specialists and learning consultants will guide, support, and facilitate peer connections both online and in person. Some examples of the ways we will support the development of healthy and meaningful peer-to-peer connections include:

  • Weekly video chats: Facilitated by learning specialists, weekly online video calls will provide learners the opportunity to connect with their peers online to explore, discover, and discuss together shared interest ‘sparks’ the learning specialist will ignite for them each week.
  • In-person gatherings: Learners will have opportunity to come together in physical presence at SelfDesign-facilitated gatherings at the end of each seasonal quarter.
  • Connection corners: Learners will have opportunity to connect in facilitated chat rooms organized around shared interests. See below for some examples of the connection corners that will exist for grade 10 learners and their parents.