SelfDesign’s HomeLearners’ Network (HLN) offers an alternative to the SelfDesign K-12 distributed learning (DL) program; parents may legally register their child ages 5-19 as a homeschooler instead of enrolling in an educational program. There is no teacher involvement and you do not have to report to the school.

While the HomeLearners’ Network is part of SelfDesign, it is different than the SelfDesign Learning Community home & community-based DL K-12 educational program.  The Ministry of Education explains the differences between homeschooling and distributed learning here:

Not sure which is right for your family?

See the comparison chart below for an overview of the differences between SelfDesign’s offerings.

Under Sections 12 and 13 of the School Act, parents are required to register their homeschooled children with a school and to provide them with an ‘educational program’ – but they have the right to choose the educational content, learning resources, and approach to learning. Registering schools – such as SelfDesign’s HomeLearners’ Network – do not provide teacher support, nor are parents required to report to the school about the learning.

Schools registering homeschooled children can be either public or independent, and independent schools such as SelfDesign receive a grant of $175 for each homeschooled learner registered by September 30 of the school year. Of that, SelfDesign’s HLN offers $125 as a reimbursement back to families for educational expenses. We receive no additional funding for learners with special needs or for Aboriginal learners.

If you are educating at home but prefer to have the support of a BC-certified teacher, if your children in grades 10-12 wish to pursue Secondary School Graduation, or if you are in need of funding support for Aboriginal learners or learners with special needs, please do not register them in HLN here. Instead, please enrol them in SelfDesign Learning Community’s K-12 Distributed Learning educational program:

Register in SelfDesign’s HLN here.

If you have questions about registering a homeschooled learner under Sections 12 and 13 of the School Act, please contact the HomeLearners’ Network (HLN) Coordinator here.