Dave Conroy joins one of BC’s leading personalized learning programs

October 18, 2016 – Vancouver, BC – The SelfDesign Learning Community is pleased to welcome Dave Conroy as its new Director of Information & Technology Services (IT). Dave will steward the creation of a technology roadmap to serve the evolving needs of the province-wide, K-12 distributed learning program and will lead its implementation.

Starting with programming in the 1980s, Dave has been using his skills in a variety of industries relying on technology such as Retail, Insurance, Finance, Telecom, Government, Military, and Data Access/Provisioning. The early 2000’s prompted a change where he branched out and provided consulting services to clients on a global level – assessing needs and architecting plans for improvement and stewarding implementation.

After many years of long hours, frequent travel and an awareness of the cost of this on his personal growth, Dave sold what he could and gave the rest of his possessions away. He compressed his everyday life into four bags, placed them on a bicycle and set forth for a journey with really no destination. In an attempt to perform a ‘hard reboot’ on his life’s direction, Dave’s then newly adopted approach The Plan is No Plan led him to travel to dozens of countries stripping his requirements down to the core of survival – food, water and shelter. As comfort grew in his new path, he found himself venturing lightly back into the IT industry working with clients in many countries – meeting their needs while striking a balance between personal and business time. Dave has spent the past five years in a handful of countries in Africa supporting and providing direction to global clients along the way. Then with his recent decision to return to North America came the serendipitous experience of learning about the opportunity at SelfDesign.

Dave currently spends time as an on-air persona on various Canadian radio stations, designing electronic projects, working with audio synthesizers, reading voraciously, community event planning, and enjoying a wide variety of outdoor activities like scuba diving, snowboarding, hiking, and backcountry camping. Over the coming year Dave is looking forward to reconnecting with modern city life, and eventually plans to build an environmentally sustainable house using old tires along with other sustainable practices.

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SelfDesign is a tuition-free, independent, distributed learning option, fully funded and accredited by the BC Ministry of Education. As one of the largest personalized learning programs in BC, we are able to help families enjoy learning, achieve success, and learn in a way that suits their needs with full support from a BC Certified Teacher.

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