Personalized learning offers every child a place in our future. BC’s Education Plan is clear: students must be at the centre of their learning. The plan calls for families to be more involved in education; for greater flexibility in what, when, and how someone learns; and for learning that occurs outside of school (such as artistic or athletic pursuits) to count toward educational requirements. With an emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity, BC’s Education Plan stresses above all that we must help kids learn how to learn.

SelfDesign’s approach embodies all of these qualities and is recognized by the Ministry of Education for doing so. It’s based on the idea that we are all natural learners with learning styles and interests that are as legitimate as each of us. Born from the roots of personalized learning, the core elements of SelfDesign have been evolving since the early 80s, allowing us to witness the rewards of this approach in decades of learners. In that time, we have also observed parents rediscovering what education can look like as they see the unique spirit of their child acknowledged and honoured. The province-wide dialogue emerging through the Ministry, nudging education in this direction, reaffirms our experiences and promises an exciting future.