10-12: Choose Your Path

SelfDesign wants to ensure you have the right mix of structure and freedom in which to thrive as you move forward; choose your high school path for the year ahead.

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A. Full-Time Cohort Programs

For learners who want a mix of group learning and interaction balanced with self-initiated study and assignments, SelfDesign offers a full time cohort program called CoDesign. Each program cohort has a guiding mentor who works independently with each learner while also facilitating learning and guiding the cohort as a group. Learners in the full time programs complete some courses in a group environment, and select the remainder of their course load in accordance with their personal interests and future goals. Learners receive the support of their guiding mentor in creating personalized learning plans as well as overcoming the challenges and celebrating the successes towards fulfilling them.

For more information about SelfDesign’s full time cohort programs, go to our Programs page.

B. Full-Time Self-Paced Program

Learners who prefer a little more independence and flexibility in their schedules, yet still want the support and guidance to ensure their success, the self-paced option is a good fit. Learners who choose the full time self-paced route receive the support of their guiding mentor starting with course registration and scheduling through to exam preparation and post-secondary goal-setting. Learners who choose this self-paced option  require the personal motivation and diligence to complete their learning goals (without the schedule followed in the cohort programs), and have the freedom to choose and personalize any courses that SelfDesign offers while completing their studies in a timeline best suited to them.

Visit the Courses page for more information about the support and guidance offered by guiding mentors through our guiding mentor courses, browse through a complete listing of all our high school courses which includes information about the alternate approaches to structuring these courses (IDesign & Independent Studies).

C. Self-Paced Cross-Enrolled 

Learners who are cross-enrolled (attend SelfDesign part time as well as another school) can choose from a wide range of self-paced BC Ministry of Education certified courses that can be personalized in a variety of ways. To ensure that cross-enrolled learners are supported in working towards whatever future ambitions they hold, learners attending SelfDesign part-time (who are also taking credits at other schools) are required to submit a Path to Completion (a list of all high school courses/credits received) and speak to the registrar prior to registering for courses through SelfDesign.

If you’d like the opportunity to learn more about any of these options before jumping in, please consider attending one of our open houses or info sessions. Or if you’d prefer, you can contact us at any time.

Support for SelfDesign’s High School Learners

Personalized planning, advocacy & support from a guiding mentor

SelfDesign promotes that all learners receive one-on-one guidance from a BC-certified teacher, and this is available to anyone enrolled full time with SelfDesign (registered for courses amounting to 16 or more credits). SelfDesign guiding mentors assist youth in creating personalized learning plans in line with their graduation or school completion goals. Ultimately, the guiding mentor fosters a meaningful relationship with each learner as the foundation towards developing skills in selfdesigning, from adaptive learning planning and personal leadership, to communication and digital literacy.  Your guiding mentor is a consistent support for you and your family as you pursue, and complete, your high school learning. 

The guiding mentor provides year round personalized support for learners as they pursue their high school learning.

As with all courses, once enrolled, learners register for guiding mentor support through the course registration form available on SelfDesign’s Community Site.

Individualized english language learner support

Based on their needs and goals, learners can receive individualized attention from our ESL-trained mentors to support English 10/11/12,  Social Studies 11, Peace Studies 11, and BC First Nations 12.

Our individualized English language learner support offers opportunities to:

  • expand vocabulary
  • develop a variety of writing styles
  • improve essay writing
  • improve critical thinking skills
  • prepare for assessments and exams
  • receive continuous feedback and support through Skype, email, and text/phone.

Course fees for international learners are $895 per course and can be paid upon course registration after a learner has enrolled. To receive more information about our English language learner support, please email info@selfdesign.org.


Mentors trained in English as a second language (ESL), include:

John Lydon
With 15 years of experience teaching English as a Second Language, John brings a wealth of skills and knowledge in helping international learners succeed. Having studied French in Quebec, where he lived for two years, and Spanish in Latin America, where he worked, John understands the challenges involved studying and living in another culture. His long experience with Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Brazilian and other English language students has given him an appreciation of their particular challenges with English. While focusing on teaching needed skills, John strives to build a supportive environment that motivates individual learners. John earned his B.A. in English Literature and Psychology at the University of Victoria, and has diplomas in TOEFL as well as Adult and Continuing Education. Currently John is finishing his Masters of Arts in Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University.


Mark McGivern
Mark was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, into a family of five siblings. He has taught English as a Second Language for over 15 years in Nicaragua, Japan, and the Middle East with learners of varying ages and capacities including refugees in Toronto who were victims of torture. Mark has taught all levels of students from beginners to those requiring improved academic writing.

Guidance and Support Centre

SelfDesign’s Guidance & Support Centre provides a wide range of easy to find orientation materials and video tutorials at the fingertips of all community members. Among them topics include how to navigate our online platform to submit learning reflections and artifacts and how to connect SelfDesign educators, learners and families. Any learner or their parent can also submit a support request and receive personalized guidance or technical support by visiting support.selfdesign.org*.

*All websites and programs comprising SelfDesign’s learning platform require community member login. Community login is provided to parents and learners once their enrolment application has been processed.

“I improved my English a lot this summer . . . I have a good mentor. I can always ask questions when I have something that I don’t understand. The feedback was very useful for me to improve my English. . .[the course] is online so I can arrange my own time. I don’t have to attend school, and never worry about being late. So that is why I enjoy this course.”
Zichen (Raymond), English Language Learner