Graduation Options

SelfDesign offers high school learners the opportunity to customize their own high school experience; learners are able to explore their passions and interests and, at the same time, prepare for further learning through college, university, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, and more.

Graduation Options

BC (Dogwood) High School Diploma Many students choose to complete their high school learning by graduating with a BC (Dogwood) High School Diploma, and if that’s your goal too, SelfDesign can support you in achieving it.

For learners for whom SelfDesign Learning Community is their School of Record (ie. ‘home school’ and usually where a student is taking the majority of their courses), your guiding mentor will review the Ministry of Education guidelines for graduation with you and your family, as well as some important dates that will inform your personalized learning plan. In order to graduate, learners need to complete a set number of “foundational courses” (required for graduation) and “elective courses” (a minimum of which are required for earning the total necessary credits).

Learners who choose not to work with the support of a guiding mentor and those cross-enrolled in another school are encouraged to speak to our enrolment team to ensure your high school choices will lead to your desired future options.

Other Graduation Options SelfDesign supports all learners equally in pursuing their chosen path based on the livelihood and future that is a fit for their interests and needs. Alternative graduation options include the following: