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SelfDesign offers a full BC Ministry accredited high school program in an innovative and dynamic online, distributed learning environment. We offer a wide selection of self paced learning options, mixed with exciting group learning opportunities, camps, and events.

SelfDesign offers you a unique learning experience, here’s how:

Personalized learning at its best

Consider what it’s like to be seen, championed, and supported. To have your ideas, joys, and frustrations heard. Explore the possibilities available to you during your high school years at SelfDesign and know that your voice matters and will impact your learning along the way. This is at the core of SelfDesign values.We really want to know you as a person and our years of experience is in providing learners like you with a personalized learning experience that satisfies your goals. Learn more.

Connection is key

Studies have shown that learning occurs when there is connection. Relationship is at the centre of what we offer at SelfDesign.

Guiding Mentor: A meaningful relationship

Full time learners in SelfDesign receive one-on-one support from a guiding mentor. Your guiding mentor will assist you in personalizing a learning plan in alignment with your graduation or school completion goals;  supporting you in learning how to learn – what we call selfdesigning; and developing a portfolio that will express your experience of being a young person today.

Our Educators

Our course mentors are caring educators who are curious about how to best support you with personalizing your learning while offering expertise, openness, and support.


Enrolling with SelfDesign opens up the doorway to an active and open-minded community that spans across British Columbia and beyond. Choose to participate in various group learning opportunities by registering for online workshops, participating in online forums with your peers, coming together in real time at one of our many fun-filled camps and gatherings taking place across the province, signing up for real time ‘intensives’ to satisfy course credit, and more. We also host a graduation ceremony every year for youth and their families to connect and celebrate. Learn more.


Enjoy Learning

Home Special Education ImgSelfDesign learners express how much they enjoy and feel in control of their education, free to learn in ways that serve them best and personally committed to what they are learning.

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