High School Programs

As a high school learner, you may choose to register for a program which provides attentive mentor support and the social connections and dynamic course format of a group learning environment. Additional self-selected courses based on your particular interests and graduation goals round out your personalized learning plan each year.

SelfDesign’s high school programs are currently at capacity, but we are accepting applications on a waitlist for upcoming sessions. Apply as usual to be added to the waitlist.

If you’d rather complete your studies independently and/or on your own schedule, you can engage in your high school program through individually selected courses.


CoDesign 10 (grade 10)

A full-time program for grade 10 learners developing foundational learning areas for their chosen graduation path.


Apply today!

CoDesign 10 is currently accepting applications for the 2016/17 learning year. As space is limited in all the cohort programs, apply today to ensure your spot in CoDesign 10.

A pilot program designed to support youth in developing foundational knowledge and skills for a successful transition into 10-12.

Program Features

  1. A guiding mentor who will provide supportive feedback to guide your learning, and support with managing your courses
  2. Three course mentors over the year (instead of eight)
  3. Peer collaboration through online group hangouts, and conversation
  4. A chance to contribute content and ideas to areas of inquiry on a new learning platform
  5. The opportunity to adapt content to your learning styles and new approaches to learning
  6. Participation in project-based learning, independent or group projects that combine skills and ideas from two different learning area
  7. Use of the latest learning technologies to promote self-authorship and learning community.


  • Megan Allen (Pod mentor and English Specialist)
  • Heather Keczan (Pod mentor and Social Studies Specialist)
  • Lisa Walwork (Pod mentor and Science Specialist)
  • Travis Weber (Math Specialist)

If you apply for Co-Design, you will be registered to work with a guiding mentor and registered in the following courses:

  •       Planning 10
  •       Physical Education 10
  •       Personal Project 10
  •       Social Studies 10
  •       Science 10
  •       English 10
  •       Visual Arts 10
  •       Math 10

 CoDesign 10 Table


CoDesign (grades 11 & 12)

This interdisciplinary program offers a unique blend of individual learning and online group interaction.


Apply today!

CoDesign 11/12 is currently accepting applications for the 2016/17 learning year. As space is limited in all the cohort programs, apply today to ensure your spot in CoDesign 11/12.

CoDesign for grades 11 & 12 consists of 3+ courses. This program is for youth who are seeking relevant and stimulating  interdisciplinary learning with a focus on engagement with their peers and group interaction. Learners can participate in CoDesign for a Fall/Winter session and/or a Winter/Spring session in grades 11 and 12 and earn credits towards their high school graduation.

Program features

  • Interdisciplinary learning within a group of ten or more youth
  • Support from a facilitating mentor with expertise and passion for their theme
  • Integration of three or more related courses
  • Independent and group projects, activities and/or trips
  • Approximately 15 hours a week of learning activities, projects and coursework

CoDesign is available for youth in grades 11 and 12.


This program has two sessions throughout the learning year, a Fall/Winter session from September-February and a Winter/Spring session from February-June.


Groups of 10 to 15  youth will be asked to schedule two hours, twice a week with their CoDesign mentor for activities related to the integrated courses. Each learner will receive personal guidance and support through scheduled meetings with their guiding mentor. CoDesign youth are invited to participate in a fall camp, a regional winter activity (depending on number of learners in a particular location), and SelfDesign’s Encounters Youth Summit in Vancouver in May.

Learning Artifacts

Learning Artifacts are designed to show interdisciplinary understanding, and build on the learner’s growing skills, capacity, and awareness. Learners will receive a syllabus of themes and the assigned learning artifacts for their integrated courses during their first week of group meetings.

Integrated Courses

Each learner is individually assessed for their participation in both individual learning artifacts and group activities All learners who complete a session of CoDesign have the opportunity to receive full credit for the following (4-credit) courses delivered in a group setting.

Option A: CoDesign 11 & 12: Democracy & Society (12 credits) 

Sept-Jan or Feb-June, Mark McGivern 

If the political life and culture of our time is of interest to you, join us for an in-depth study on the theme of democracy: where did it come from? how has it evolved(in Canada and abroad) and what direction is it going in the future?

This option includes course registration for:

  •    Civic Studies 11 (Socials 11 Dogwood requirement)
  •    Philosophy 12 (Grade 12 elective)
  •    Interdisciplinary Studies 11 (General elective)

Option B: CoDesign 11 & 12:  Earth, Art & Humanity (12 credits)

Sept-Jan or Feb-June, Marcelle Edwards

Where do we come from? Explore the impact and challenges arising from our human presence on the Earth over time including: how humans relate to the living earth, the earth’s structure and mechanics, the complex network of systems that creates our biosphere, and the human interaction with the biosphere.

This option includes course registration for:

  •   Earth Science 11 ( Gr 11 Science Dogwood requirement)
  •   Art Foundations 11 ( Fine Arts Dogwood requirement)
  •   Comparative Civilizations 12 (Gr 12 Dogwood/Adult Dogwood elective requirement)

CoDesign will include a guiding mentor selection from any of the available mentors.


Wild Earth Outdoors (grades 11 & 12)

This adventure program combines online learning with regular outdoor activity trips.


Apply today!

WildEarth is currently accepting applications for the 2016/17 learning year. As space is limited in all the cohort programs, apply today to ensure your spot in WildEarth.

SelfDesign’s WildEarth Outdoors program combines online learning with outdoor activity trips. It is designed for grade 11 and 12 learners (grade 10’s are welcome to apply) living anywhere in the province of BC. This experiential learning program is an opportunity for young people to immerse themselves in nature while connecting to a community of likeminded youth. Previous outdoor experience or a peak level of fitness is not necessary. Activities and coursework encourage the growth of self-awareness, connection to community and the natural environment, with a goal of developing a foundation of self-knowledge in each youth.

Learners will participate in a variety of challenging activities such as:

  • trip planning
  • budgeting
  • risk assessment
  • backcountry cooking
  • environmental stewardship

Learners will practice skills in:

  • communication
  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • consensus decision making
  • navigation
  • flat water canoeing
  • single pitch climbing
  • survival, first aid, and emergency response

“I have learned a lot – from wilderness guiding basics and backcountry survival skills to becoming certified in FoodSafe, avalanche awareness, CPR, and Wilderness First Aid. I also learned a lot about myself and the program gave me the chance to push myself to my limits – I highly recommend SelfDesign’s WildEarth program.” – Anastacia Reid, 2013-14 learner in WildEarth program


Facilitation and Location

This program combines weekly online group work with in-person outdoor learning and youth-led expeditions in various locations around BC.

The first session of the year will include:

  • one-to-one or group online sessions with online coursework and planning (10% of the program)
  • Induction trip in September/October – 5 days (including travel days)

The second session of the year will focus on in-person group adventure experiences across southern BC, including:

  • February – Online Group Intensive – 3 days
  • March – Online Group Intensive Theory and Planning – 5 days
  • April/May – Squamish Adventure Tourism and Forestry & Environment + West Coast Backpacking – 14 days
  • June – Bella Coola Wilderness and Indigenous Culture – 10 days

Courses and Credits

Learners will earn 20 course credits in SelfDesign’s WildEarth program. The learning outcomes for these courses are engaged through individual integrated projects, as well as group projects and experiences – collected into a learning  portfolio.

This program includes:

  • Forestry and Enviro 11
  • Leadership Development 12
  • Recreational Leadership 12
  • Physical Education Adventure Outdoors 11
  • Adventure Tourism 12


  • Independent Study 11/12 (will require self-registration)

WildEarth is concentrated in the spring session, February to June – however, 10% of the activities will be completed in fall session.

Program Costs

The WildEarth Program fee is $1400.  At the onset of the 2016/17 learning year the first $250 payment will be required.  The program fee does NOT include travel/transportation costs to the trip locations. We will work to help rideshare where possible to reduce costs and travel time for families. Inevitably for the more remotely-based families there will be an added expense for travel to destination or shuttle pick up points.

Check out our News and Events for upcoming virtual information sessions.

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