Grade 12: What to Expect

As learners mature, their independence and ideas for their future grow, impacting their educational choices. At SelfDesign, we have developed offerings that acknowledge a deepening of self-authorship in an environment that supports lifelong learning.

Work with a guiding mentor

Full time learners enrolled in grade 12 work one-on-one with a guiding mentor*—someone to guide them through the SelfDesign experience and validate their learning for academic credit. All guiding mentors are BC-certified educators and specialists in the SelfDesign approach.

*An educator working with ‘school of record’ learners, those who are full time or doing the majority of their courses with SelfDesign.

Create a learning plan &/or Path to Completion

Youth work with their guiding mentor to create a personalized learning plan and/or a Path to Completion that ensures learners are on track to meet their school completion/graduation goals. The learning plan maps a learner’s interests and curiosities, including how these and other activities will be used to facilitate learning and meet BC educational requirements.

Choose courses

SelfDesign’s Course Catalogue lets you browse your options for learning, ranging from the basics like English and Math to more novel topics like Street Art or Earth Sciences. Courses are led by subject-specialist mentors who guide youth through the materials and assess the learning alongside each learner. SelfDesigned courses or independent studies are also available for grade 12.

Use assessment as a tool for learning

At SelfDesign, we believe assessment can be used as a tool for learning as well as of the learning that has taken place. As a result, we use reflection by both learner and mentor to create an iterative process throughout a course, thereby expanding each youth’s grasp of subject matter and of themselves. SelfDesign’s approach to assessment expands a youth’s competencies for 21st century living and for lifelong learning.

Connect with the SelfDesign community

Youth in grade 12 embrace our philosophy of learning at home and in community. In addition to engaging in catalogue courses, youth are encouraged to expand their horizons by seeking out mentors in their communities – whether local tradespeople or subject-based specialists. Taking into consideration the increased independence and mobility of this age, we create opportunities throughout the year for youth around the province to come together with SelfDesign peers in adult-facilitated activities. Learners and parents who like to be engaged in community can also connect with other families by joining the “Village of Conversations” online, to apply their learning and find new inspiration.