Young Teens

As learners transition from childhood to adolescence, their interests and priorities shift and this has an impact on the way they learn. At SelfDesign, we have developed offerings that speak both to the playful spirit of the child and the growing seriousness of the emerging scholar.

Learning in Community

During this time parents and caregivers often find themselves stepping back a little as they support their youth in building new learning relationships both with peers and with adult mentors. At SelfDesign, we support this emerging independence by encouraging learners to form more direct relationships with their learning consultants and by inviting them into two kinds of online group learning environments: workshops and mini-workshops.


In this offering, a small group of learners gathers with an educator to co-create a cross-curricular workshop. Through a merging of math and art, science and English, or social studies and applied skills, learners are able to dig into core-area curriculum and develop foundational skills while engaging meaningfully with topics that are important to them.

Before I started doing this I didn’t really have any interest in writing or reading or doing anything like that but NOW because of YOU GUYS I am motivated and inspired to do what I thought was impossible. And I have to thank all you guys for that.
Sha, workshop participant


With a joyfully playful spirit, these are low-pressure opportunities for learners to enter into an online learning environment. With no registration or commitment required, learners can drop by these short sessions to participate as observers, or jump into the fray sharing stories, giggles, and perspectives on a variety of wildly wonderful thematic topics.