Possibilities in Learning

SelfDesign supports K-9 families in experiencing the freedom and joys of learning. Here are what we see as starting points for learning.


We engage individually with each learner to discover what they love to do best. Which activities make them feel alive, at peace, and at home? We ask ourselves: How can we use these activities as a space for learning? What do these interests tell us about how a learner thinks and connects with the world?


Children are forever full of questions. What if rather than trying to put those questions to rest, we step inside them and see where they take us. . . By encouraging curiosity, we encourage the learner to explore, experiment, discover, innovate, and have an opinion. Math, science, history, geography, reading—they all become part of the conversation when we make time for being curious.


At SelfDesign, we deepen learning by sharing it in conversation—between parent and learner, between learner and educator, between learner and learner, and so on. From these conversations, communication skills, self-awareness, and confidence grow.

I wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying the Path course. It is really helping me to broaden and deepen my understanding of myself and of my parenting behaviour; it has opened me up to new tools and ways of being with myself and my children.
SelfDesign parent
Our learning consultant has been a great source of guidance and comfort. Her genuine interest in my children's learning means a lot to me.
SelfDesign parent
One of my favourite aspects of this program has been the 'observing for learning.' ... Just in these past few months, I have really been able to see my son's strengths, weaknesses, and interests, while watching him do what children do best: be curious creatures who simply cannot get enough of this world.
SelfDesign parent


As curiosity gives rise to invention and new knowledge, SelfDesign learners are supported in exploring new avenues of learning within and across subjects and through interdisciplinary projects, some of which they are supported in leading themselves. Go to Ways We Connect for more information about learner-led initiatives.


SelfDesign fosters relationships with peers of all ages and with community members of diverse backgrounds, opening learners’ minds to a deeper understanding of self and their place in the world.