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The success of our K-12 program continues to grow thanks to an emerging global community sharing the SelfDesign approach. Here are some opportunities for broad participation.

The HomeLearners’ Network

The Homelearners’ Network (HLN) offers homeschooling registration as an alternative to the SelfDesign K-12 program. As a registered homeschooler, you fulfill your legal obligation with the BC Ministry of Education and gain a connection with our community, without enrolling in an educational program and without the participation of a teacher. There is no limit to the number of learners we can register.

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SelfDesign Journeys

SelfDesign Journeys is a family learning program designed to help families connect with each other and with their children with autism in ways that are happy, healthy and that support their child’s learning and development.

The program is in development and will be offered online through webinars, e-courses and personalized coaching services beginning in 2019.

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I am thrilled to be associated with such a life-enhancing program that directly informs my practice as a community member, learning consultant, parent, and human being
SDGI Learner

A SelfDesign Path: A Course for Parents

A SelfDesign Path is an online course that explores SelfDesign thinking as it relates to the parent-child relationship. It has been used personally and professionally by a wide range of participants interested in enhancing their interactions with children. Designed as an immersive experience, the course includes rich imagery, video, audio clips, and journaling tasks that ask for personal reflection. Contact us for more information.