Our Educators

SelfDesign educators are a diverse group of over 150 BC-certified teachers who are passionate about life and learning. The majority of our learners K-12 work with their own dedicated educator; learners from grades 7-12 also have the opportunity to work with educators in subject-specific courses or workshops.

Who Are They?

Our educators are the warmth, humanity, and support felt by learners and their families throughout the SelfDesign experience. They bring the rigour and insight of certified teachers, as well as the creativity and energy that led them to SelfDesign. Many are parents. Most are well-travelled. All are active in their local communities and passionate about their specialties and crafts. These educators receive mentorship when they join SelfDesign. They also participate in ongoing professional development, as they work together to keep SelfDesign on the leading edge.

What our educators say about SelfDesign…

As an educator, I want to be part of a community that celebrates individuality, fosters curiosity, acknowledges multiple learning styles, and nurtures confidence. I want be able to work closely with families to co-create programs that reflect the genuine passions and interests of the child, and witness all the wonderful learning that can unfold.”

I had begun to question societal norms around parenting and learning and also to look deeply at my own parenting behaviours and beliefs. SelfDesign represented a community that was already embracing and embodying the ideals and behaviours towards which I was personally striving. Arriving in this community has felt like a coming home.”

I enjoy the freedom to truly make a difference and provide families with the supports, funding and encouragement they need to meet their full potential and follow their passions and curiosities.”

I consider myself a guide for the family and learner. Ultimately, I feel parents and learners have a good idea of what they need and want to do, and I make that a reality by providing ideas, referrals, resources and encouragement.”

I hope that families feel my genuine interest and excitement about what they are working towards and accomplishing. I want them to feel feel empowered! I would like them to be able to reflect back upon our time together and feel that they were listened to and supported.”

My journey alongside my own children continually informs how I support my learners and families. I know the fear of diving off the cliff into the unknown, and I can heart-fully walk beside my families with a good understanding of the inner and outer obstacles they may be facing.”

When I am working with a family, I start from a place of beginner’s heart and a beginner’s mind. Parents know their children the best; they are the experts and so I begin by listening as deeply as I can to what they know and then what they may need. I don’t believe I have answers because each new family is a new situation, like each child is unfolding into a new being.”

The process of reflecting on learning truly is the heart of our program. It is through this on-going conversation with learners and families that understandings sprout and grow, that I can gain a deep understanding of both their strengths and passions and also of their fears and perceived limitations.”

Ultimately my role as an educator is to listen, interpret, and then create opportunities. Developing a trusting relationship with the learners is first and foremost. This allows them to express their needs and desires around their education. In turn, I am able to create appropriate opportunities for their growth and problem solve possible roadblocks. This is an ongoing process!”

Join Our Team

Our educator and contractor community gathers every year to learn from one another and inspire our next steps in furthering natural learning and personalized education. If you have the passion to join us in supporting a new way of learning, we’d love to hear from you.

Applicants require a current BC Teaching Certificate through the BC Teacher Regulation Branch. Please include your certificate number in your application.
K-9 educators and Special Education consultants
Applications can be submitted between January 1 and March 31 to: LCapplications@selfdesign.org
High School educators
Applications can been submitted between April 1 and June 30 to: hr@selfdesign.org