Living Is Learning

At SelfDesign we believe that “special needs” are but a unique path to a shared human experience.

Every SelfDesign Learner Has a Voice

We listen to learners however they communicate—making time to ensure their message is understood. We believe that every learner has something to say and something to teach us.

Every SelfDesign Parent is an Expert

Parents have known their children longer than anyone. While the opinions of professional experts are highly regarded, a parent’s insights are equally valued.

Every SelfDesign Educator Acts With Compassion

A child absorbed in the pleasures of learning is a beautiful thing. Our educators value the love and humanity in every child and how every experience is a meaningful moment along an individual’s learning path.

SelfDesign Learning Brings Joy

There are so many different ways to achieve wanted and needed learning. We believe in using creativity and collaboration to ensure learning is an experience of intrigue, discovery, and joy.