What We Believe

At SelfDesign, we believe that every child, youth, and adult brings a unique contribution to the world. We ensure the learning environment becomes the vehicle rather than the obstacle in making those contributions come to life.

Learning is Everywhere

We believe that people learn everywhere and in every moment, not just in a classroom.

Curiosity is the Beginning

We believe that when learning begins from our own curiosity it stays with us for a lifetime.

We Must Know Ourselves to Share Our Worth

We believe in discovering who we are as individuals so that we can bring our best selves to the world.

The Greatest Gift of Education is Learning How to Learn

We believe that by discovering how to lead our own learning we enrich our lives and future possibilities.

There is More Than One Way to Learn

We believe that when we learn in ways unique to our talents and personalities we deepen our understanding, wisdom, and happiness.

When we allow natural learning habits to flourish, our children can fly with new wings of understanding.
Brent Cameron, Founder

We Live and Grow Through Our Relationships

We believe that learning is enriched and amplified through our conversations with others.

The Uniqueness of Each Individual is Celebrated

We believe that by supporting all people’s needs for acceptance, respect, safety, and choice, we add to the richness of our global community.