Why Families Join

Families of all backgrounds and experiences come to SelfDesign. Here are the most common reasons why families join.

The Right Choice for Us

More and more families want to know all of their educational options so that they can choose a path that opens more possibilities for their children. For many families, SelfDesign is that choice.

A Positive Change

Sometimes the local school just isn’t a fit. Learners may feel unmotivated, invisible, unhappy, or bullied. Perhaps the traditional system sees their personality as a “problem.” They need an alternative that celebrates who they are.

Time for Special Interests

From athletes to musicians, some learners need an educational option that credits their unique talents and allows time for training/practice.

A Flexible Schedule

Not all family lifestyles fit with the typical educational schedule—Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm. For these families, customizing when and how to learn can enable a higher quality of life.

Empowerment in Special Education

Some families of learners with special needs want an approach that places greater value on the family’s voice and ensures learners feel inspired by and at the centre of their activities.

I hope SelfDesign grows in leaps and bounds to offer more families the same opportunities.
SelfDesign grandparent

Support Through a Transition

Some learners are living through unique circumstances. During such times, personalized learning and a supportive community can be invaluable in gaining perspective for the way forward.

A Secular Program that Celebrates Diversity

Many families seek a learning approach that can be tailored to individual family values, while fostering a rewarding experience of diversity.