Course Catalogue

As a grade 12 learner you may choose to personalize your learning experience with us in a wide variety of ways.

Self-paced learning in grade 12

If you’d like to complete your studies independently and/or on your own schedule, consider registering for SelfDesign grade 12 self-paced courses. Our self-paced courses are BC Ministry approved and offer a personalized learning experience within a structured format.

Are you interested in having a more self-directed options for course credits? Consider registering for an IDesign course (available for electives only) where you can fully personalize your learning. Learn more.


Course Offerings

Courses marked with an * denote courses that satisfy adult graduation options.

Grade 12
Guiding Mentor
GM12 : Capstone
Thematic Workshops
Engage with like-minded learners in an online, interactive workshop setting. Explore one course in a Big Ideas Workshop or three courses in a CoDesign Workshop.
Big Ideas Workshop: Art 12
Big Ideas Workshop: English 12
Big Ideas Workshop: Social Justice 12
CoDesign 12: Human Consciousness
CoDesign 12: Human Planet
Self-paced Courses
Engage with a designed course at your own speed. True to SelfDesign, there are a sprinkling of opportunities to choose and self-design your assignments as you go.
BC First Nations 12*
Anatomy & Physiology 12 (formerly known as Biology 12)*
Calculus 12*
Chemistry 12*
Communications 12*
Comparative Civilizations 12*
English 12*
Foundations of Math 12*
Geography 12*
Physical Education 12*
Physics 12*
Planning 12*
Pre-Calculus 12*
Psychology 12
World Philosophy 12
World Religions 12
Writing 12*
Street Art 12
IDesign Elective Courses
IDesign, as its name implies, is a unique program that allows motivated learners, already skilled in the subject area, to design a program that both expands their abilities and meets required learning outcomes.
Arts Studio 12 IDesign*
Dance Choreography 12 IDesign*
Dance Company 12 IDesign*
Photography 12 IDesign
Film & Television 12 IDesign*
Instrumental Music: Guitar 12 IDesign*
Media Arts 12 IDesign*
Visual Arts: Drawing and Painting 12 IDesign*
Visual Arts: Sculpture 12 IDesign*
Urban Studies 12 IDesign
Entrepreneurship 12 IDesign*
20th Century World History 12 IDesign*
Law 12 IDesign*
Literary Studies English Literature 12 IDesign*
Core French 12 IDesign*
Spanish 12 IDesign*
Creative Writing 12 IDesign*
Foods Studies 12 IDesign*
Life Credits
Independent Studies 12
Work Experience 12*

*these courses will also satisfy adult graduation options.