Course Catalogue

As a high school learner you may choose to personalize your learning experience with us in a wide variety of ways.

Self-paced learning

If you’d like to complete your studies independently and/or on your own schedule, consider registering for SelfDesign self-paced courses. Our self-paced courses are BC Ministry approved and offer a personalized learning experience within a structured format.

Are you interested in having a more self-directed options for course credits? Consider registering for an IDesign course (available for electives only) where you can fully personalize your learning. Learn more.

Group learning (single or integrated courses)

Complete your course learning in real time with attentive mentor support, social connections, and a dynamic course format in a group learning environment. Choose from single course offerings
such as our Big Ideas Workshops or integrated, multi course offerings such as CoDesign 11 & 12.

Course Offerings

Grade 11Grade 12
Guiding Mentor
GM11: Building Community GM12 : Capstone

Thematic Workshops
Big Ideas Workshop: Creative Writing 11 Big Ideas Workshop: Art 12
Big Ideas Workshop:
Life Sciences 11
Big Ideas Workshop: English 12
Big Ideas Workshop: Virtual Communities 11 (SMUSH)Big Ideas Workshop: Social Justice 12
CoDesign 11: EcologyCoDesign 12: Home Sweet Home
CoDesign 11: Food ActionCoDesign 12: The Human Body
CoDesign 11: How to Change the WorldCoDesign 12: Human Consciousness
CoDesign 11: Learning to LeadCoDesign 12: Human Planet
CoDesign 11: Make it and Sell itCoDesign 12: Power Technology
CoDesign 11: Teens in SpaceCoDesign 12: Street Life
CoDesign 12: The Sacred
Self-paced Courses
Apprentice & Workplace Math 11BC First Nations 12
Chemistry 11Biology 12
Earth Sciences 11Calculus 12
English 11Chemistry 12
Foundations of Math 11Communications 12
Life Sciences 11Comparative Civilizations 12
Peace Studies 11English 12
Physical Education 11Foundations of Math 12
Physics 11Geography 12
Pre-Calculus 11Physical Education 12
Psychology 11Physics 12
Social Studies 11Pre-Calculus 12
Spanish 11Psychology 12
World Philosophy 12
World Religions 12
Writing 12
Street Art 12
IDesign Elective Courses
Dance Performance 11 IDesignArts Foundations 12 IDesign
Digital Photography 11 IDesignDance Performance 12 IDesign
Drama Film & Television 11Digital Photography 12 IDesign
IDesignDrama Film & Television 12 IDesign
ICT: Digital Media Development 11 IDesignICT: Digital Media Development 12 IDesign
Instrumental Music Guitar 11 IDesignInstrumental Music: Guitar 12 IDesign
Media Arts 11 IDesignMedia Arts 12 IDesign
Studio Arts 11 : Drawing and Painting IDesignStudio Arts 12: Drawing and Painting IDesign
Culinary Arts International 11 IDesignCitizenship Activities and Public Affairs 12 / Global Education 12 IDesign
Marketing and Distribution: Youth Entrepreneurship 11 IDesignEntrepreneurship 12 IDesign
Foods and Nutrition 11 IDesignHistory 12 IDesign
Sustainable Resources 11 IDesignLaw 12 IDesign
English Literature 12 IDesign
French 12 IDesign
Spanish 12 IDesign
Writing 12 IDesign
Foods and Nutrition 12 IDesign
Personalized Offerings
Independent Studies 11Independent Studies 12
Work Experience 12