K-9: What to Expect

K-9 learning allows the unique spirit of a child to evolve naturally, today and into the future.

If you decide to enrol in SelfDesign, here are the first steps in the K-9 experience.

Choose a Learning Consultant

Each family enrolled in K-9 learning works one-on-one with a learning consultant—someone to guide them through the SelfDesign experience and validate their child’s learning for academic credit. All learning consultants are BC-certified educators and specialists in the SelfDesign approach. For young children, the learning consultant communicates primarily with the parents. As children grow, their relationship with their learning consultant grows as well. How are educators matched with families? Families select a handful of learning consultants from a diverse pool of candidates, and SelfDesign matches them with one.

Create a Learning Plan

Parents and their children work with their learning consultant to create a personalized learning plan. This plan maps a child’s interests and curiosities, including how these and other activities will be used to facilitate learning and meet BC educational requirements.

Start “Observing for Learning”

The learning consultant coaches the family in how to observe daily activities with all their senses so that they notice learning as it unfolds in everyday moments. At SelfDesign, we call this “observing for learning.” For younger children, parents take on full responsibility for observing for learning—resulting in a deepened understanding of and connection to their child’s development. As children grow older, they gradually take on the responsibility themselves—building a deepened awareness of how all of life is learning.

Write Weekly Reflections

Weekly reflections are central to SelfDesign’s K-9 learning. Every week, parents / older learners submit a written reflection to their learning consultant about the learning observed—with the option to also upload videos, images, or sound files. The learning consultant then provides a written response, including insights, recommendations, questions, and resources to clarify and deepen the reflection. The weekly reflections provide evidence of learning that is validated by the learning consultant for academic credit.

Take the Course for Parents Called A SelfDesigning Path

This online course guides parents through weekly explorations about the fundamental ideas of SelfDesign. A SelfDesigning Path is highly recommended for parents of kindergarten learners and other parents new to SelfDesign. The online interface blends imagery, video, audio clips, and more for learning that draws parents into self-reflection. There is also a facilitated, online conference that connects parents to one another and to a facilitator for the course. The Path course includes bi-weekly journal entries, which are also used to prompt discussion with one’s learning consultant.

I wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying the Path course. It is really helping me to broaden and deepen my understanding of myself and of my parenting behaviour; it has opened me up to new tools and ways of being with myself and my children.
SelfDesign parent
Our learning consultant has been a great source of guidance and comfort. Her genuine interest in my children's learning means a lot to me.
SelfDesign parent
One of my favourite aspects of this program has been the 'observing for learning.' ... Just in these past few months, I have really been able to see my son's strengths, weaknesses, and interests, while watching him do what children do best: be curious creatures who simply cannot get enough of this world.
SelfDesign parent

Connect With the SelfDesign Community

Families who like to be engaged in community can connect with other families by joining the “Village” online, by participating in or initiating local learning activities, and by meeting informally with SelfDesign families living nearby.