Support Education (Special Education): What to Expect

If a learner’s unique learning style includes special education needs, SelfDesign can provide support above and beyond the general program to assist the learner in having a successful learning experience.

If you wish to enrol in SelfDesign, here are the first steps in the special education experience.

Collect your documentation and get in touch

It is important that you talk with us before you enrol so that we can learn from you the unique strengths and needs of your child. We’ll discuss with you possible ways we can support learning, and explain to you the different kinds of special education programs in place.

Families who will be supported through the low incidence special education program will be added to the waitlist. An invitation to enrol will be sent to each family when space is available for their child.

Families who will be supported through the high incidence program will be asked to continue with the enrolment process after their conversation with the intake coordinator.

Create a learning plan

All BC learners with special needs designations must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). At SelfDesign, learners and their families additionally create personalized learning plans that identify the learning goals along with resources to help facilitate learning.

Connect with the SelfDesign community

Families receiving special education services get to know each other and other members of the SelfDesign community by connecting online through our “Village of Conversations” and parent-specific areas, informally in their local communities, and through face-to-face group learning events.

A SelfDesign Path: A course for parents

SelfDesign has proudly released the SupportEd edition of our popular A SelfDesign Path course for parents. The Path course is a self-paced, module-based course for parents to explore SelfDesign’s approach to learning and relationships. Created in it’s original version in 2010, the course has been well-received by many parents using it to explore SelfDesign’s philosophy in a user-friendly format. Some people even credit it for changing their lives! While the content is very similar to the original Path course, the SupportEd version has shorter sections and is more specifically geared toward parents whose children have special needs diagnosis. Whether one is on a desktop or mobile device, the course design ensures a positive experience. Oftentimes topics in this course can lead to supportive conversations between parents and their consultants, as well as contributing to a richer family conversation and an appreciation of learning through the SelfDesign approach. Contact us for more information.

Want to know more? Learn all the details about eligibility, learning plans, the support team, and using grants.